When the devil is in the detail

Knowing your audience is one of the most important things to consider when writing content. Loading copy with a huge amount of technical data may be impressive to the expert, but could alienate [...]

A Tour de France approach to content

Although the Tour de France is a cycle race that is won by an individual rider, it really is the team that can help its leader across the finishing line in first place. A good content marketing [...]

How to make your #customers a key part of your marketing team

Organisations are increasingly using social media to interact with customers and turning them into brand ambassadors. Imagine walking into an office and seeing your employees scrolling through a [...]

Spoilt by choice

We have an awful lot of choice these days. We make thousands of decisions, big and small, from which type of cereal to eat for breakfast, which outfit from our bulging wardrobes to wear, which [...]

Switch off to switch on your creativity

Why taking a break could be the best way to come up with that big idea. For the past four hours you have been staring at your laptop desperately trying to come up with the solution to a problem. [...]

Election 2015 – Party promises

What could the next four years have in store for small businesses? We take a look at the main political manifestos for Thursday’s General Election. On Thursday the 7th May the UK goes to the [...]

A few simple words

When it comes to getting your message across, why short and simple is usually the best way. You may have a very detailed knowledge of your product or the information you wish to present. But [...]