What we did

Branding & website development

The brief

4me is an enterprise service management (ESM) solution for seamless collaboration between internal, external and outsourced teams.

Hup was commissioned to help re-brand ITRP and launch the new 4me name. This extensive project included brand, digital and creative services, and supporting the business across online and offline marketing and advertising formats, as long-term strategic partner.


“I thought we were simply outsourcing the development and maintenance of our website, but we ended up with a new member on our product marketing team. The Hup Agency’s experience allows us to stay focused on what we are best at – delivering an enterprise SaaS solution that makes selective outsourcing more successful.”

A new brand for a new approach

We worked with 4me to help create their brand. This included developing their logo and their main messaging, which leads with the idea of 4me offering 100% SIAM (Service Integration and Management). This helped to differentiate 4me from other service software providers in a crowded and confusing market.

The 4me website needed to look fresh and modern, to demonstrate that this software was a new approach to service, while also reflecting that the product was reliable and created by those with many years’ experience in the industry.

A focus on outsourcing

There was a particular emphasis on attracting MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and exploiting the key strengths of delivering and monitoring service to outsourced entities.

SIAM is a fairly new concept, so one of Hup’s roles was to educate visitors to the website and to spread the message through literature and campaigns about what SIAM is and what it is able to do for a business.

The result

Since the website launch, Hup has been involved in activities to promote site visits and engagement. Our first success was to achieve visibility of the new brand across the usual search and social channels. This was achieved quickly with the Hup team working hard to appear above older use of the term 4me in search rankings.

Of particular note was the promotion of two events in March 2018: SDI UK and the Service Manager Dag in the Netherlands. Hup developed materials to promote both events via the homepage and banners on the website, emails, social content and graphics. The results were impressive, with a 470 percent increase in traffic to the site before and during the events.

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