What we did

Branding & website development


The brief

ServiceMuse was developed in response to the increasing convergence of service technologies such as CRM, ITSM and CX. Its aim was to bring industry experts and technology users together to provide a forum for discussion, news and inspiration on all things service technology.

Hup was commissioned to develop the ServiceMuse brand and to design and build the online presence, including the news website and associated social channels.


“ServiceMuse has enabled us to connect many different service industries and to engage with a broad range of professionals. Hup has been a key partner in developing such a strong brand and enabled us to launch with the greatest possible impact.”

ServiceMuse - mobile

Branding the online presence

The ServiceMuse brand was developed to be simple and high impact with a key focus on how the logo and colouring would translate to social media use. Hup selected a mainly white on orange theme for the logo and branding for maximum effect.

As the news website was to be the main focus for ServiceMuse activity, it was developed to reflect the strong brand look. To stand out in a crowded technology news arena, Hup developed an image theme that went beyond the normal stock photography. Careful attention was given to select and create images that would match the theme of the articles as closely as possible and attract further interaction.


In addition to the site, Hup also developed a communication framework that would support the promotion of posted articles.

Social branding projects included LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In each case, the ServiceMuse brand was applied in the appropriate size and format to optimise the channel.

Hup created a weekly newsletter, ‘MondayMuse’, to be sent out to subscribers. This was built in custom template form in CampaignMonitor – utilising the same graphics and branded elements from the site for a complete branded experience for the user.

ServiceMuse - laptop

The result

ServiceMuse went from zero to more than 500 Twitter followers in a matter of weeks. Engaging content drove significant interest in the new website.

In the first year of operation, contributors posted more than 50 high-quality articles on subjects including CRM, CX, ITSM, AI and FSM. A key focus in the second six months was on the industry hot topic of SIAM and attracted industry-leading authors to contribute to the site.

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