A Tour de France approach to content

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Although the Tour de France is a cycle race that is won by an individual rider, it really is the team that can help its leader across the finishing line in first place. A good content marketing agency can work for you in the same way.

The Tour de France, the biggest bike race in the world, is currently wending its way around the French countryside. For three weeks in July every year, the best cyclists in the world pit themselves against each other and against the terrain, from cobbles, to wet roads, to high and hot mountain-top finishes.

For those unfamiliar with professional cycling, the idea of the Tour de France containing teams or being described as a team event, can seem a little strange. The overall winner of the race, the yellow jersey, is the rider who completes the entire race, all 3,540km, in the shortest time. There are other awards for the best climber (polka dot jersey), sprinter or points winner (green jersey) and the best young rider (white jersey). But these are all individual prizes.

Any winner of any jersey at the Tour de France will tell you that they would not have won without their team. Each team supports its leader, in whatever goal or jersey they are aiming for. Each team leader has domestiques, (quite literally servants). These riders will shield the team leader from wind, chase down attacks, tire out rivals, fetch water bottles, give up their bike if the leader’s bike has a mechanical problem and generally sacrifice themselves and their race position to ensure their leader is fresh enough to battle to the top of every mountain and across every finish line. Indeed, many of the overall winners of the Tour share the prize money between the team that got them to the podium.

Applying the same idea to your marketing, and in particular your content strategy, can pay real dividends for the success of your business. Many organisations rely on the skills of internal resources to build the content that they need to get them to the top step of the podium. The problem is that the individuals tasked with creating the content are often too busy with their own roles to work as a domestique for the marketing organisation. Unless the overall team strategy is fundamentally changed, then you could be left without the resources you need to succeed.

This is where an agency can help. A good content agency can be your team, your domestiques. Not only will they write all the marketing materials you need such as eBooks, white papers, email campaigns and web content, but they can also maintain your Twitter and Facebook feeds, ensuring that your messages are spread to customers. They can create specialised blogs that can be ghost written in your name for your website. They will also gather the information needed to build specialist knowledge, enabling your team to focus on its goals.

A good agency will create all the content you need, giving you the time and resources to make the most of every business opportunity and ensuring that you make it across the finish line first.

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