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Creative Services

Keeping it simple - good design is better for your brand and your sales.

Making your brand memorable

How you present your brand is the first thing people recognise and how they will remember you.

Developing a polished visual identity is often overlooked or given lesser priority, by both start-up and established companies alike. There is however a common thing you will notice about brands you recognise, they have all invested in how they look to their audience and have stuck to a defined creative strategy. 

Our specialist team has proven experience that will make a difference to your marketing and communications output. We can help you with branding, campaign, event, web design and more. 


People are visual beings

90% of information absorbed by the brain is visual - Making great design a vital tool.

According to research by 3M, we respond up to 60,000 times faster to visual stimulus than to the written word. Images are also easier for the human brain to store and remember.

Successful brands are tapping into this, ensuring that they use colour, typography and images to maximise visual impact and to create a memorable connection with their audience.

Our creative services

We use design to enhance your brand and improve customer engagement

Hup’s experienced design team takes time to fully understand the client business and its target audience to make sure that the creative will resonate in the best way. With a proven track record in branding, graphics, digital creative and more, you can be sure that Hup will provide you with creative that will lift your marketing efforts.

Bespoke design services

No matter what your requirement, our team of specialists will provide you with killer creative.

Established brand support

If you already have an established brand framework, we are well versed in providing on-brand materials in support of your other activities.